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Total supplier of low-voltage cables

Since 1934, A. van der Hof Kabelfabriek has been a total supplier of high-quality low-voltage cables. In addition to standard products, we also focus on the niche market for special cables. Innovation, personal service and short lead times are of paramount importance to our company.

Reliable and innovative

All our products are carefully manufactured using high-quality raw materials. We think along with you and deliver solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We have all the necessary expertise and resources to develop new types of cables for you.

Personal service

We are proud of the high level of service we provide. Since 1934, customers have always enjoyed a personal approach at A. van der Hof Kabelfabriek. Thanks to the
short lines within our family owned business and the expertise of our staff you will quickly know what we can do for you.

Fast delivery

Whether you order standard products or special cables, we always ensure fast delivery. We supply our products  to customers throughout Europe and beyond.  Our customer base is very varied: wholesalers, assemblers, connector suppliers, installers and wholesalers in electronic security.

Top quality cables

We make no concessions to the quality of our cables. For the production of low-voltage cables, A. van der Hof Kabelfabriek only uses high-quality and extensively tested raw materials.

The cable production takes place according to a carefully controlled process. T he strict quality standards allow us to supply reliable cables with a long lifespan.

Naturally, we take the utmost account of the environment. We comply with the EU directives and production requirements, such as REACH, RoHS directives and CE marking.

A streamlined production

At A. van der Hof Kabelfabriek we strive to continuously improve our production process. Through our sophisticated production process with strict quality control, we manufacture high-quality cables in a step-by-step procedure. Our flexible machinery allows us to customize the cable to your needs.

Incoming warehouse

High-quality raw materials are the basis of our quality cables. All raw materials, such as copper, insulation and sheathing materials, are checked in our incoming warehouse before they are used.

Wire insulation department

In the wire insulation plant, the copper wire conductors are provided with a layer of insulating material. Van der Hof Kabelfabriek insulates conductors with PVC, PP, PE, PUR, LSF/HFFR , XLPE and SIR.

Stranding department

The various cores are stranded at this department into the desired cable construction. The cores are coded according to a colour code or by means of numbering.

Braiding department

Sometimes, a cable needs additional covering as a reinforcement or in order to function better. This may include protection with steel wire or electrical shielding. This additional covering is applied at our braiding department.

Sheathing department

At our sheathing department, we provide cables with a sheath of the desired plastic to protect them against harmful influences such as moisture, temperature and sunlight. We use the following sheathing materials: PVC, PE, PUR and LSF/HFFR.

Quality control

We keep a tight control on the quality of the cables during the entire production process. We also perform a final check whereby the cable is tested for continuity and a test certificate is generated.